Aug 3 Superintendent Update Graphic

Good Afternoon Warren Students, Families, and Staff,

We have a couple of important announcements for the week of August 3rd.
What a fantastic start to the 22-23 school year. I want to give a shout out to our staff for the preparation and effort they put into getting us ready for the start of the year. I also want to say thank you to our students and families for being prepared and for being patient as we tweak transportation and scheduling. It is going to be a great year of growth!
A couple of updates regarding COVID. At this time, we are continuing with our mask-optional policy for students and staff. Masks are available at each of our schools and campuses if needed. We are now allowing visitors to our schools and ask that they self-screen before entering the building. If you have COVID-like symptoms, please visit at a later time. Visitors will be required to show their ID and have it screened through our visitor management system. One last update on COVID. We are still monitoring collecting COVID data this year. If your son or daughter tests positive, please notify the school.
I am hoping you have seen or heard by now that attendance is a top priority for us this school year. Attendance is one of the most important factors in the success of our students. We have a goal of 97% for all of our students and this year, we are launching our Strive for Less than 5 attendance campaign. While we understand that illnesses do occur, and we do not want you to send your child to school sick, it is also important to understand that every tardy and absence takes away from valuable learning time for your student. If a student misses an average of 13 school days a year, one to two days a month, over the course of their kindergarten to 12th grade year, they will have accumulated absences that equal missing over one full year of school. Students who attend school regularly benefit from higher achievement, increased opportunities, and being part of the school community. If you have a barrier that is impacting getting your child to school every day and on time, please reach out to your child’s school so we can find a way to support you. 
I want to remind our families that if you have any needs as we start the school year or throughout the school year to please reach out to your school’s family engagement liaison, counselor, principal, or our team at the Moorhead Community Resource Center. If you feel your student needs more academic support this school year, please reach out to your child’s teacher right away. The sooner we can provide additional help, the more successful they will be. 
Looking forward to an amazing school year. Thank you for your investment in our students, schools and staff. 
Together…#WarrenWill grow our students!

Dr. Tim Hanson, Superintendent of Schools for MSD Warren Township